Flexible Working

As the UK’s leading education recruitment agency, Teaching Personnel has hundreds of fully qualified, fully vetted and available teachers covering primary and all core subjects in secondary school.

The reality is a good proportion of them don’t want permanent work! They want flexible work, part-time work and they want to teach! They need this flexibility for a number of reasons from accommodating family commitments to balancing other interests outside of the classroom.

We surveyed hundreds of the fully vetted and available teachers registered with Teaching Personnel.  We asked them why they chose to register with us. The results are clear with the highest percentage stating they were looking for flexible working.  

So – there are more than enough primary, English, maths and science teachers available to schools, but the roles they are seeking often don’t match the traditional permanent jobs being advertised.


The Solution

If you are struggling to recruit high calibre teachers for permanent roles and are willing to explore flexible working options, we are very well placed to help you implement this. We also believe this is an extremely cost effective approach which, albeit not a permanent solution, provides high quality teaching and learning whilst removing the time pressure of recruitment and the often unsuitable hires that result.

We are ready and eager to help ensure your staffing needs are met with an innovative, quality and practical solution. If you would like to discuss this approach for other subject teachers or even your learning support needs, we can also help in this area.


To discuss this flexible working approach to teacher recruitment, please contact us on 08456 744 844.



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